Monday, 8 September 2014

The Plague

Since the beginning of civilization we always had plagues, many plagues had torture the earth, many have come and go, and others come and go and reappear again to cause more trouble.
The only plague that has managed to stay with us and disguising herself as a truthful human is the snitch plague.

I have suffer at first hand the destructive power of the chivatos,the lingering battle between the good and the evil in Cuba can’t never be won until that plague comes near extinction.
The chivatos are responsible for most of the cubano suffering, in fact; the old cock sucker will have fall long time ago without the help of los chivatos.

I picture him without the chivas a marionette with broken strings.
The snitch has no friends, no family, and no morals.

Thousands incarcerated and murdered due to the chivatos sneaky activities.
Many more of the chivatos penetrate the resistance; they become leaders to their fellow fighters, and when they strike, the whole cell ends up in jail doing 20 years or plus
That is why my friends Cubans are so mistrustful, paranoid and afraid.

Many of the chivas sometimes change their minds and decide they have cause enough damage or le han pisado un callo y brincan and next thing you know, the chiva is living in the states.
Rats nothing more than rats, when they don’t find that piece of cheese, they move to the next door basement.